Basil Mustard
Fresh & Flavourful
The full bodied flavour of fresh basil combines with hearty mustard to bring a bold new twist to your sandwiches, steaks and sausages. Never settle for plain mustard again, this gourmet combination brings your meal to a new level. 


Mango & Chilli Mustard
Sweet & Spicy
Sweet juicy mango and spicy red chilli compete for your tastebuds attention in this delicious mustard. A great companion with anything you cook on the grill, from shrimp to sausages – salmon to steaks! 

Peppercorn Shiraz
Bold & Heady
Rich red wine and black pepper gives this unique mustard its gourmet standing. Smother your steak with this hearty mustard or baste on tuna filets before grilling. Plain mustard can never live up to this bold flavour combination.

Orange Mustard
Sweet & Savoury
Our top selling mustard, this sweet & tangy combination livens up your lunch, or any meal. Spread on sandwiches, sausages & burgers, add to pasta salads. Use wherever you used plain mustard & you will never go back! 

Fig & Ginger Mustard
Sweet & Snappy 
Surprise your pallet with this sweet and snappy combo that tastes great on any meat. Use as a glaze on your pork filet or roast chicken, or liven up the party and serve as spread on a cheese plate with blue cheese. Amazing!